Our vision.

Providing the Tools to make the Biochemical World more Efficient.

We aim to create a world where industries based on chemistry and biology operate with unparalleled precision and sustainability. By providing advanced monitoring technologies, we set out to optimize product quality and safety but also reduce waste and environmental impact, enabling a future where human innovation coexists harmoniously with the planet’s well-being.

Our impact.

Optimizing the Manufacturing of Products Critical to our Well-Being.

By enhancing the efficiency and reliability of critical processes, we strive to ensure the production of safer and more effective products and support sustainable practices that benefit both mankind and the environment, ultimately leading to a brighter and healthier future for all.


the team

Jérôme Michon
Ivan-Lazar Bundalo
Juejun Hu
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Laurent Vivien
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Derek Kita
Co-founder •
Guillaume Berteloot
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Hear from the team.

The next generation of sensors for industry and R&D will have to be non-invasive, miniaturised, sensitive, robust, and affordable, while enabling the acquisition of multiparametric and multiplexed data in real time. This is a need that InSpek can meet.

Christopher • Bioprocess Engineer

I strongly believe that InSpek has assembled the right people at the right time to bring on-chip Raman technology to the next level. InSpek’s innovation is not only built on the scientific and technical expertise it holds but also on an open-minded and forward-thinking approach that is allowing us to collectively bring the best of ourselves to our everyday work.

Dorian • Integrated Photonics Engineer

The benefits of photonic integrated circuits (PICs) speak to many industrial challenges: cost, size, ecological footprint… Integrated photonics is poised to have a strong impact on many industries and we at InSpek are determined to contribute to that movement.

Jérôme • Co-founder

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