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Define a new era of sensing with us.

We are an ambitious team of engineers and scientists pursuing the dream of processes driven by precision and efficiency. Chemical and physical sensing is a wide-ranging topic with many challenges, to which we develop practical and scalable solutions based on integrated photonics.

We are always looking for passionate people to help us materialize this vision. At InSpek, you’ll work on cutting-edge projects, collaborate with a dynamic and supportive team, grow professionally, and see the difference our products make for end-users.

Here are six reasons
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an Impact

We want our technology to shape the world, for the better.

Help us contribute to this mission with your skills, knowledge, and enthusiasm.


At the Forefront of Technological Innovation

The problems we are tackling require innovative solutions that push the boundaries of what’s known and possible in science and engineering.

Through creative problem-solving, you’ll have the opportunity to contribute to groundbreaking advancements.


Fast-Paced and
Dynamic Environment

Being at the edge of innovation and working with a network of partners means that agility and adaptability are key.

Experience the thrill of working on diverse projects and witnessing rapid growth.



At InSpek, learning happens at every corner, all the more so as our work lies at the intersection of several fields.

You’ll be exposed to a wide range of tasks and responsibilities, allowing you to expand your skill set and gain valuable experience across multiple areas.


Collaborative and Supportive Culture

At InSpek, teamwork and collaboration are paramount.

You’ll work closely with talented individuals who share a common goal. We’ve built a supportive culture that fosters creativity, learning, and a sense of camaraderie.



As InSpek grows, so do your opportunities.

There is a lot to be done and thus plenty of room for everyone to exploit their potential to the fullest. Take on new challenges, lead initiatives, and carve your path to success.

A multidisciplinary
adventure where photonics, chemistry, biology, and engineering converge.

Our work involves several fields of science and engineering, that oftentimes intertwine. Skillfulness in one (or several!) of these fields is just as important to us as open-mindedness about what happens in the others – that is how we build full-fledged products.

We welcome spontaneous applications. If you believe your expertise could contribute to our mission, we would be delighted to hear from you and explore opportunities to work together.

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Optics & Integrated Photonics

We believe in the power of optics to solve a wide range of industrial sensing challenges. Integrated photonics bring those advantages a step further. We aim to leverage the latest advances in these fields to develop sensors that provide data of the highest quality.


We have identified biotechnologies as the first application area of our sensors. Communicating, partnering, experimenting with our partners and customers is key to understanding their needs and developing the best solutions to their problems. Running our own processes also gives us first-hand insights into their experiences.

Process Analytics & Chemometrics

We know that data is only useful insofar as it corresponds to actual parameters that allow for process understanding. Beyond improving the quality of the raw data, we put a strong focus on developing the tools that turn raw data into actionable information about the process.

Software Development

Our sensors and the data they provide don’t work in a vacuum – they are part of a greater system, starting with the user and extending to the other data and control environment of the process. This requires adequate interfaces to ensure seamless communication and integration.

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